Norisa & Prayogi Wedding Day

Norisa & Prayogi

is Tying Knot...

Meet The Happiest Couple..

And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect. (QS. Ar-Rum; 21)

Norisa Adhi Tina

Norisa Adhi Tina

Second Daughter of
Mr Budi Hartoyo & Mrs Wiwik Utami


Muchammad Prayogi Suryana

Muchammad Prayogi Suryana

First Son of
Mr Suradi & Mrs Muzaiyanah


May 23rd, 2021









Our Big Day...



07:00 - 09:00

Wedding Reception

11:00 - 13:00
Rustic Republik Kediri
Jalan Raya Mustopo No. 123, Rembangkepuh, Kecamatan Ngadiluwih

Our Way to Meet Each Other

Meet - Talk - Decide - Purpose - Akad

"I see you, then i know that you'll be my future"

Our first story..

Very simple things you do, you decided to meet me in that day With couple cup of coffee, we talked more deeply into us In the very next day after, you came to me again Then asked "can you be my future?" Smile writed on your face, than i know that you'll be my future

"The next step, make sure for the decision"

Second attemp

Day by day passed Turned ash to be bright Turned doubt into certainty And it all seems to be clearer as we walk together So, what else is needed to make sure of the decision?

"Ask the greatest question, and i do"

Third, Our Beginning

When will the blooming day come? After all of the tears even sadness comes So is this the answer? And the blooming day perfectly come into ours You ask the greatest question So, I said "yes"

"See the bright light that shines in front of us"

Fourth, Together

Some day, we’ll reach that place With the same heart just like always We’ll be looking at each other with a smile A precious person, a person who is my everything A person who is with me, a person who will keep being with me Lets do it Together, forever

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Engagement Norisa Prayogi

A Peace of Love from You to Us

Your presence and prayer for our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for. No other gifts are needed or expected. Nevertheless, we would be honored to receive any gift and have provided the means to make it easier for you. Thank you

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  • M Aeng Yudha Pambudi GOING
    "Pernikahan adalah selalu bersama dan tetap dalam satu tujuan, meski dengan cara yang terkadang berbeda." Happy wedding Tina and Suami. ❤️❤️
    7 months ago

  • Antonia Ratna
    Congrats to Tina and Bojo, moga samawa dan langgeng selalu. Dan segera diberi anak2 yang lucu dan menggemaskan❤🥳
    P.S: sorry i can`t be there for ur special moment, but my prayers will always be there🍆🍆🍑🍑
    7 months ago

  • Pak Alpian Tachta GOING
    Congrats🎉🎊Happpiii wedding Norisa ❤️ Prayogi...Welcome to the real life👍SAMAWA🙏
    7 months ago

  • Franciska Enstinita GOING
    tin, buket kembang e ojo diuncalke. nggo aku wae jo.
    7 months ago

  • Dwi Rohmawati GOING
    lo,,, rabi a? ooooh.... ya wes.. rabi iku gak enak,, tapi huwenaaaakkkkk... wes talah, jajalen,,,
    7 months ago

  • Jamhari Abidin GOING
    Barakallah buat Uting dan Suami, semoga menjadi pasangan yang saling mensyurgakan, sakinah mawaddah dan warahmah. aamiiin..
    7 months ago

  • Safitri Kurniasari
    Bismillah..barakallahu laka wa baraka'alaika wa jama'a bainakuma fiil khairin..aamiin..InsyaAllah menjadi keluarga sakinah, mawwadah dan warahmah..Semoga diberikan kelancaran dan sukses sebelum, saat dan sesudah hari- H..aamiin,,selamat datang ke grup enak-enak eneng,,wkwk
    7 months ago

  • M Fikri Kurniawan GOING
    Best wishes for mbak tina dan mas prayogi. Semoga sakinah mawaddah warrahmah ✨
    7 months ago

  • Albertus Randy GOING
    Finally, samawa ya. Welcome to the jungle
    7 months ago

  • Hannum Wulan GOING
    Utiiiing, wonder womeen 😿😿😿 barakallah ya nduk... Sing sabar dan nerima di dunia pernikahan dan peranakan wkwkwkw..... Tetep lowpropiiil ya nduk.... Berkah berkah berkah....
    8 months ago

  • Nisa Amnifolia
    Barakallah Tina dan suami, semoga sakinah mawadha wa rahmah. Semoga bahagia dunia akhirat aamiin
    8 months ago

  • Lutfhia Indah GOING
    Mbak tinaaa. Mbakku yang baik hati. Semoga Allah selalu melimpahkan kebahagian kepada mba Tina dan mas Yogi. Jadi keluarga yang saling melengkapi, bahagia selalu, dan menjadi orang tua panutan untuk anak2 kelak.
    From your housemates 💕
    8 months ago

  • Riendy Puspitasari GOING
    Barakallah uting & mas yogi, semoga jadi pernikahan terindah & saling mencintai sampai akhir hayat 💞
    8 months ago

  • Ibu Ester Maharani
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru Tina yg cantik ,tante Ester doakan semoga sll bahagia , jadi keluarga yg sakinah ,mawaddah ,warrahmah..
    (Maaf ya sayang ,tante gk bisa datang diundanganmu krn ada pembatasan wilayah ).
    8 months ago

  • Bpk Ihsan Hadianto GOING
    Selamat Buat Tina dan Yogi...Semoga Sakinah, Mawaddah dan Rohmah...Aamiin
    8 months ago

  • Anda Desi Puspita GOING
    Barakallahulaka wabara alayka wajamaa bainnakuma fii khair Tina dan mas Prayogi, semoga berjodoh sampai surga, aamiin aamiin ya Robb 🤲
    8 months ago

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